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Over 53 years of experience in the finance and accounting industries have taught us many things, but one thing stands out most: building genuine relationships. AccountancyAge’s mission has always focused on bringing the human element of accounting into the limelight.

Our AccountancyAge community has grown from just a few thousand in the beginning to over 3 million senior finance, accounting & treasury decision-makers. Together we’ve gone through market disruptions, technological advancements, in-person and virtual gatherings. We have grown, adapted, and supported each other along the way.

CFO Agenda was launched in 2015 as a headline event for FD. The platform provided a nurturing space for senior industry leaders to share and exchange knowledge, collaborate on creating solutions and connect over real concerns and challenges.

Our digital publications include:

1 million finance technology buyers
80% Influence tech spend
62% Director+
85% UK
8% Europe
3% US

Our partnership with Contentive has become one of our key customer acquisition channels –they are a pleasure to work with.